SIMPLIFhas a multidisciplinary team of professionals, highly skilled and experts in payroll, Human Resources, Social Security and Tax administration, staying up to date with all legislative changes. The outsourcing of HR management and tax administration services allows clients to receive global advice through a single provider, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and minimising potential sanctions risk.


The key objectives and goals of the team are:

  • The key objectives and goals of the team are:
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable tax, labour, and social security regulations in line with business objectives.
  • Taking on the workload associated with HR and Labour Relations processes relieving the company and the employees of administrative burdens.
  • Operating with flexibility, following established protocols while maintaining maximum clarity and transparency.
  • Providing maximum efficiency in terms of procedural time and costs.
  • Ensuring the highest levels of service, establishing effective processes, conducting satisfaction surveys, ensuring a speedy response, and generally striving excellence in service delivery.

The team is led by Luisa Moreno with over 30 years of experience in providing HR outsourcing services.

Degree in Business Studies - Universidad Complutense
Master in Human Resources Management and Organisation - ESIC