Payroll Management and HR Administration

Implementation and start-up

Proper implementation and start-up of Payroll Management and HR Administration services are critical to ensuring a best level and a smooth and effective ongoing partnership. From implementation, we do work together with the client in the design and application of the action protocols serving as guidelines of handling tasks and processes throughout the life of the service.

Recurrent services

  • Guidance on the application and adapting the payroll to comply with the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  • Monthly payroll.
  • Issuance of salary receipts.
  • Publication of the payroll on the employee Portal.
  • Customised Payroll Reporting.
  • SEPA Payments Orders.
  • Payment Management service: social security and personal income tax contributions.
  • Calculation, preparation and dispatch of social security payments.
  • Preparation and filing of personal income tax withholding and payment on account returns (forms 111 and 216).

Occasional services

  • Management of registrations, cancellations, and variations of workers with Social Security.
  • Advice and preparation of employment contracts and extensions in different modalities.
  • Notifications to the Public Employment Service (SEPE).
  • Management of reports for temporary incapacity, maternity, paternity, and accidents at work.
  • Preparation of severance payments, settlements, severance calculations, and company certificates.

Annual services

  • Preparation and presentation of the annual summary of withholdings and payments on account for Personal Income Tax (forms 190 and 296).
  • Certificates for the individual personal income tax return of each worker.